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  Good morning, everyone. Today I`m very pleased to have an opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas. The content of my lesson is

  I`ll be ready to begin this lesson from four parts. They are 1Analyzing teaching Material 2.the teaching methods 3.the studying methods 4.the teaching procedures, and while presenting these parts I will do the blackboard design properly. Ok now I am going to start from the first part

  Part 1 Analyzing teaching Material:

威尼斯人vn新网址  This lesson is about.By studying of this lesson, we`ll enable the students to know the serious attitude towardsand develop the interest in

  At the same time, let the students learn how to give instructions. This lesson plays an important part in the English teaching in this unit. As it is the main passage in this unit which outlines the theme of this unit .If the Ss can learn it well, it will be helpful to make Ss learn the rest of this unit. And as we all know , reading belongs to the input during the process of language learning. The input has great effect on output, such as speaking and writing. Then according to the new standard curriculum and syllabus(新课程标准和教学大纲), I think the teaching aims of this lesson are the following:

  1.Knowledge aim:Understand the main idea of the text.

  2. Ability aim: Retell the text in their own words.

  3.Emotional aim: Make the Ss love

威尼斯人vn新网址  Then the Teaching important point is how to understand the text better

  And the teaching difficult points are:

威尼斯人vn新网址  1. Use own words to retell the text

威尼斯人vn新网址  2. Discuss the

  Part 2 Teaching methods:

威尼斯人vn新网址  Dealing with this lesson. I`ll do my best to carry out the following theories: Make the Ss the real masters in class while me, myself acts as director; Combine the language structures with the language functions; Let the Ss receive some moral education while they are learning the English language. To achieve my goal I`ll use the following teaching methods:

  1.Commucative Approach(交际教学法)

威尼斯人vn新网址  2.Task based watch and listen activity

  3. Question and answer activity

威尼斯人vn新网址  4.Pair work or individual role play or scene play activity

  And in order to practice my teaching methods well, I need the following teaching aids

  1. a projector

威尼斯人vn新网址  2. a tape recorder

  3. multimedia

威尼斯人vn新网址  4. the blackboard


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